Danica Patrick

Danica Patrick has retired from Nascar but her life hasn’t slowed down in the least (why would it, right?).  She has a new book out, Pretty Intense which covers an exercise plan, recipes and several chapters talking about the mind.  Her workouts have been all over youtube and some news outlets.  Below are four of her workouts that are guaranteed to get your heart racing.

This exercise is literally the quickest way to have a heart attack. Go ahead, try 10. Make sure to have your medical alert button handy.

My days of pushing up to the bar are long gone, I try and work out as often as I can.  One thing I love is push up bars. If you have finicky wrists like I do, it does a lot for the pain and I end up doing a lot more than I would without them. It also increases your range of motion.  Disclaimer: No expert, I just know what works for me.

Where’s that Tobey Maguire crying meme…..

One weekend I went home to visit the folks. I grabbed one of the local beers from the fridge, opened the front door to find my sister doing these on the front sidewalk (She did these all the time).  I asked what she was doing, she asked what I was drinking. Manmakers.

I went to my first ever Nascar race at the Kentucky Speedway back in 2015 with my father-in-law. There were some interesting fellows just up the aisle from us. They had headsets and were listening to certain driver radios.  They were all wired in and having a good time.  They both had so much tobacco in their mouths it sounded like they were playing the redneck version of chubby bunny.

I remember Dale Earnhardt Jr. gave Danica a pretty good bump sending her into the wall.  Moments later, it looked like Danica hit Dale back as both cars were going along pit road together. Little did she know, Dale Earnhardt was going through some braking issues.  I became an instant fan of Danica and Nascar in general at that moment. You can actually watch what happened that day here.

Check out Kentucky Speedway next time Nascar comes to town. You’ll have a good time.  It’s a great crowd of people too! Just make sure not to step in any dip.

Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group on Foter.com / CC BY-ND


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